"I heard a new
Shakespeare tragedy.
You were leaving
and I was still waiting."

A Story A Day #249 by M.D.L

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i wish that this had never started /// r.i.d

i wish that this had never started /// r.i.d


I am so fucking sorry about all.


I am so fucking sorry about all.


10:05 PM [SENT]: My mouth tastes like rust i think it is because my bones have become cages do you know what that’s like do you know what it’s like to be six inches from salvation but six centimeters from damnation

11:45 PM [SENT]: What if we were supposed to be birds and we lost our wings and being human is our punishment for being too in love with the sky what if that’s why every time I’m at the edge of a cliff I have to stop myself or I will jump

1:15 AM [SENT]: Please please please text me back I really need to talk to someone and you said you would always be there if I needed you please i know it’s late but please

1:31 AM [SENT]: i’m thinking of relapsing

1:47 AM [SENT]: please god it has gotten so bad lately please i just need someone to save me

2:53 AM [SENT]: i’m sorry for bothering you ignore that last text i just can’t sleep it’s so messy in my head actually ignore every text from today i don’t know what’s wrong with me except everything

3:06 AM [SENT]: oh god but when I hit the ground did rock bottom leave a dent

11:12 AM [SENT]: fuck i’m sorry about yesterday i was just in a bad place for a little bit i haven’t been sleeping and i’m super stressed
11:56 PM [RECEIVED]: no problem
1:06 PM [SENT]: yeah sorry again i’m totally fine now sorry haha
1:35 [RECEIVED]: np

2:03 PM [RECEIVED]: my life sucks so badly
2:16 PM [SENT]: hey, don’t be sad, okay? you can talk to me.

- Basically I’m your diary and I don’t think you really care what happens to me. /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

im just really overwhelmed with everything all of the sudden 

I miss you so much. Ugh, ugh, ugh. 

I don’t want to move